A modern woman's dating misadventures

Modern dating is simple. Or it’s supposed to be. It’s so much easier using apps. You can browse, be matched with compatible partners or choose them yourself, get in touch with the tap of a button, organise the when and where and off you go.


But oh, no. What lurks beyond the in the real world for the average woman looking for a partner is the stuff of nightmares.


There are some successes. But the success stories are no where near as much fun to hear about as the horrors.


For the record, men have dating app disaster stories too. Terrible, terrible tales do exist when men date women, women date women and men date men. But this story is a straight woman’s.


Meet Sarah. A recently divorced 30 something woman. Intelligent, attractive, articulate and normal. So why is it so hard to meet normal men? Why are so many of them, well… weird?

In this clip, Sarah expresses concern about her date's "thing" (no, not that!) and the prevalence of the urinal selfie...

Music: Tear It Up by Ghost Station. Used with permission.

Currently in production.


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